Sunny Nelson
Real Fruit Ice Cream

New Zealand striving for only the purest and the best!

It has to be real! Us kiwis have a taste for the purest of flavours, the freshest of cream and the closeness of family and friends. Sunny Nelson smashes the best of our fruit, cream and family time together to bring about the happiness of days. It’s no wonder New Zealanders love a Sunny Nelson real fruit ice cream. 

‘the best things in life are in their purest form’

Josh King, founder of Sunny Nelson Real Fruit Ice Cream.

"You can choose regular ice cream, frozen yoghurt or dairy free. Bring friends or family and play cornhole or mini putt while you enjoy your treats. They also have coffee next door!"

Nancy Harward

"Great ice cream, they make it right in front of you and can also mix flavors and toppings"

Libby Robb

"Easily the BEST real fruit ice cream the whole of New Zealand"

Simon Persson

"The best ice cream. Described by my son as a jewel of Hamilton!"

Greg Bacchus


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